Wild and Precious Life

In this season of my life, change is the word of the day! In the last two years, I feel like I have been through more changes than ever before… I mean, relationships have changed, my job has changed, the activities that I invest my time in have changed, how I see myself has changed, my room has changed…the list could go on. Everything seems to be in flux, constantly changing, adapting, and finding new life (here or elsewhere).

I used to be a major change hater…any sort of change made me nervous and fearful, and while these feelings can still creep up on me about certain things, lately, I have been welcoming the changes in my life. I have discovered that life feels like much more of an adventure when I embrace and smile at the changes as they come. I am the most miserable when I fight the new and the unexpected. It is like beating against a current…pointless and exhausting. But, by celebrating the new (even when the new is scary or inconvenient or messy), I am finally starting to see life as a wild and precious thing: Unpredictable, unwieldy, and an unparalleled gift!!

While all changes definitely do not feel good (I can personally testify to this fact!), I believe that each change brings us closer to something…to the place we need to be, the people we need to know, or the person we need to become.

In solidarity with this season of change (and due to the wisdom of my best friend about its reader friendliness and blogging community), I have decided to CHANGE my blog over from Blogger to WordPress. I have had the same blog since I was in college; it just seemed like the time for something new!

Here is the link to my old posts:

And here’s to the changes on the horizon!!


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. I’ve always been a fan of change – it makes life more interesting. So glad you made positive changes in your life. The changes seem to agree with you.

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