Medieval Mondays: Great Hall Etiquette

Great Hall 4

There could be hundreds of people living in a single castle, and the heart of this Medieval fortress was The Great Hall.

During special occasions, an army of servants would prepare and serve the meal. These included: cooks, Scullions (cooking assistant), Carvers (in charge of the meat), Pantlers (in charge of the bread), Ewerers (in charge of water and towels for guests), and more.

Great Hall 3

Before the meal, the Ewerers would bring around water and a towel so that each guest could wash their hands, which also served as their utensils. Guests could bring their own knives and might be given a spoon. However, forks were not used.

The guests of honor would be given silver plates to eat off of. The rest of the people in attendance would eat off of Trenchers, or large slices of stale bread. These trenchers were given to the poor after the meal was completed.

Great Hall 2

While eating their meal, guests of The Great Hall would entertainment in the form of musicians, traveling actors, and jugglers.

Great Hall 1


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