Medieval Mondays: Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Many Mondays have passed since I wrote…craziness.

Today, I bring back Medieval Mondays with a phrase that is close to my…ahem…heart (pun intended).

I am an emotional person. I have alot of feelings…just ask my family and friends. Mystery is not one of my gifts. It is pretty easy to tell at any given moment how I am feeling about any given issue or life circumstance.

I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve.

One of the likely origins for this phrase comes from the Medieval Period. During jousts, knights would dedicate the competition to a particular lady at court. Once their lady had been selected, they would wear something of hers tied around their arm (like a sleeve). All through the match, spectators only had to glance at the knight to see which lady they were honoring with their show of athletic prowess and knightly skill.


While this photo is not capturing a joust, I have always loved it. Entitled “God Speed” and painted by the brilliant Edmund Blair Leighton, you can see the lady securing her colors around the knight as he leaves, an enduring and tangible representation of their intentions and affection for each other.


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