A Good Man Is (Not So) Hard to Find

Godly women have a hard time in this world we live in. We are bombarded constantly with images and words and people telling us how we should look, dress, behave, and what we should value. The war rages, and I think because we are battling, we sometimes forget that Godly men have it just as rough in this culture as we do.

But, war is being waged on Godly masculinity too. They feel the pressure to conform and to surrender. As the days pass, sometimes it seems that good, Godly men are getting harder to find. As a single girl in 2015, I know that is how it feels to me. That’s how it feels sometimes, but that is not the truth.

You see, the truth is, I know a lot of Godly men. They are blessings to my life on a daily basis.

I was raised by one. (Sidenote: I love my daddy!!)

I am related to them.

I work with them.

I serve with them.

I break bread with them.

I am friends with them.

These Godly men are teachers and preachers and husbands and fathers. They own their own businesses, serve in churches, work hard for their families, juggle going back to school and working, and homeschool their kids. They listen. They love. They serve. They protect. They give. They lead.

I am surrounded by them all the time, just doing what they do, living their ordinary lives and not seeing the impact their living has made on my heart and mind. When frustration builds and despair wants to set in, these everyday heroes give me hope.

So, to all of you Godly men out there–being all you can be in a world that doesn’t give you nearly the credit you deserve– thank you!

Thank you for being Godly men, so that it is easier for the women around you to be Godly women. Thank you for setting an example. Thank you for teaching me what love looks in a thousand different ways.

From the bottom of this single gal’s heart: Know that I am watching. Know that I am learning. And know that I am so thankful!

Good Men 1


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