The Return of Medieval Mondays

Hey, guys! Hope you are having an amazing start to your 2017. To me, this year is full of hope and possibilities as I have started a new job, made new friendships, and made some difficult but necessary changes.

However, one of the things that I want to go back to is blogging more regularly. Thus, the return of Medieval Mondays.

It is no secret that I love the Medieval world. It is one of the most fascinating topics to me, and every Monday I am going to post interesting facts, stories, figures, phrases, or whatever inspires me from this time period.

Today’s theme…the small, but deadly….MACE.


The mace was a popular medieval weapon among knights and members of the clergy called to the battlefield. These handheld instruments could have a variety of heads, including balls or geometric shapes. They also could be spiked.


Maces injured opponents using blunt force. They could crush or smash tissue and bone. Also, they could bend armor where knights would have trouble moving or even breathing.

Now, the reason why maces were the weapon of choice for members of the clergy was because these men of God had promised not to spill blood. By using the mace, they could crush bones (yes, even the skull) and not shed blood while defeating the enemy.



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