Medieval Mondays: Arthur’s Stone

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a slight obsession with all things King Arthur. For today’s Medieval Monday, I have decided to wrote on Arthur’s Stone.

Now, for anyone who knows anything about the legends of Arthur and his knights, when I say Arthur’s Stone, you may think about the stone that Arthur pulled the sword out of. This action declared him King of the Britons and fulfilled the prophesy of old.

This stone, located at Dorstone or Herefordshire, is one possible location of Arthur’s  Stone. It is also said that Arthur is buried beneath this stone in some legends.

Arthur's Stone 1

The other Arthur’s Stone is located in Gower, Wales.

In Wales, the story goes that Arthur took a stone from his shoe on the way to his final battle. He threw this stone into the distance, and there it remains to this day. Apparently,. the stone grew in size too! 🙂

Arthur's Stone 2


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