About Me…

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I am a follower of Jesus, lover of laughter and long talks, drinker of coffee and tea, baker of cookies, wearer of whimsical jewelry, writer of poems, collector of teapots and old books, giver of hugs, enjoyer of movies and television, teacher of children, reader of stories, singer of songs, and dreamer of big dreams. I am a cat-owner, major nerd, history lover, foodie, childcare worker, travel addict, Renaissance Faire junkie, friend, sister, and daughter.

I believe…God is the Creator of the Universe. Creation and humanity reflect the goodness and character of God.
I believe…God is made up of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each part is equally important and equally powerful.
I believe…We are all sinners in need of rescue.
I believe…We are loved ALWAYS from birth until death. No matter our race, our culture, our decisions, or our circumstances.
I believe…Faith is personal. Our faith is our own to cultivate, explore, cherish, celebrate, and share. It is a responsibility, and it is a gift.
I believe…Community is necessary. We are not meant to walk the journey of life alone.
I believe…God speaks to each human being in different ways.
I believe…Prayer is powerful.
I believe…Miracles happen (everyday).

I believe…No job is more important or more powerful than loving and caring for a child.
I believe…Every relationship should be authentic, deep, and life-changing.
I believe…Each person deserves to be loved and appreciated for exactly who they are.
I believe…You must always be authentically you.
I believe…Loving others is the most courageous thing we could ever do.
I believe…Loving begins by knowing–knowing others and knowing yourself.
I believe…In doing everything (even the smallest things) with love.
I believe…in being part of a community where people know you and love you well.

I believe…Hugs can change the world.
I believe…Every life is meant to be extraordinary.
I believe…Awkwardness is a superpower.
I believe…Truth ALWAYS changes things.
I believe… Whimsy is necessary for survival.
I believe…Coffee and tea should be daily occurrences.
I believe…Creativity heals.
I believe…Life is magical.
I believe…In good food, deep conversations, and LOTS of laughter.

I believe…In faith, love, and acceptance.
I believe…In hope, truth, forgiveness, and courage.
I believe…In soul friendships and family.
I believe…In dancing, singing, leaping, and twirling.
I believe…In colors, sparkles, and brightness.


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